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Chinese used the first rockets in the world when they were at war with the Mongols in 1232.
More than 700 years later, in the 1960’s the liquid-fuel rockets was successfully developed by Chinese scientist. And China launched its first satellite -- known as China 1 or Mao 1 -- to Earth orbit on its own "Long March" space rocket on April 24, 1970. Since then the reliability of hydrazine-powered propellant launch vehicle-- “Long March” rocket family had done excellent jobs on “Homing satellite”, “Multiple Launches”, “Manned Capsules”,“ Moon Satellite”,“ Human spaceflight” , “China's Moon Rover” ,“Mars rover Zhurong” for Chinese space industry.
K&Y Co. The first hydrazine propellants provider in China, has successfully supplied the full range of hydrazine fuel for Long March Launch Vehicle(LM2C,LM2E,LM3B,LM3C,LM3L) and Space Satellites since 1990. The product of Hydrazine,MMH,UDMH had successfully been used in ShenZhou spacecrafts, Chang'e moon satellite.  High Purity Hydrazine, Methyl Hydrazine had been exported to Europe, Asia, America for satellite and submarine, UDMH and Dinitrogen Tetroxide had been exported to Europe and America for rocket propellant from the year 1997. 

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